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We offer safe, confidential counselling support for all issues at our warm, friendly clinic in Douglas Village. Our specialist areas include Eating Disorders, Infertility & Donor IVF, and Family or Relationship issues for individuals.

Emma Murphy

What Clients say…..

  • Hi Emma, I hope you are keeping well. I just wanted to drop you a quick line as I’m currently in sunny Spain, in a bikini, at 27 weeks pregnant…and couldn’t be happier. Much of that happiness I owe to you. I love being pregnant and watching my tummy grow. I can’t wait to be a mum ! Thanks for being such a big part of my journey thus far, I am very grateful for you turning on the light.
    Yours in happiness.


  • Emma, Thank you so much for your confidence, support and hard work over the past couple of years. I am so pleased I made the decision to contact you and definitely see a lot of progression when i look back to where i started…. thank you again, you have been amazing. Your honesty and constant guidance has been just what i needed. I am endlessly grateful to you and wish you every happiness and success.


Fertility Counselling

Online Counselling

We offer online counselling for all clients.

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Face to Face Counselling

We offer face to face counselling in Cork

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It is an opportunity to work with a skilled helper who can support you:

• Explore issues or problems that might be causing you difficulties in work, or relationships with family and significant others.

• Gain a better understanding of yourself and your interactions with others.

• Explore your options and make informed choices.

• Begin to make positive changes.

• Find better ways of dealing with difficult issues or stressful situations.

Taking the time and space to talk about concerns and issues with an objective, supportive professional, you can begin to gain an awareness and clarity that can help you move forward.

Although it may not feel like it sometimes, you are the expert in your own life. A Counsellor is a facilitator, helping you to explore your own past and present, and supporting you in making the choices necessary for positive change and growth in these areas below, and other issues you may be struggling with right now.

We provide both Specialist and Reduced Cost Counselling Support in Douglas, Cork for all of the following issues:

– Anxiety Family Issues Coping with Change Depression

– Eating Disorders Family Issues Infertility

– Job Related Issues Lack of Self-esteem Relationship Issues

– Risky Behaviours Stress Management Trauma/PTSD

We often hear the use of the word ‘baggage’ but what does that really mean? In the context of counselling, it means looking at messages or ‘scripts’ that we carry with us from early childhood. However, what we learned as a child may not always be appropriate or relevant to our lives as an adult.

Behaviours and beliefs that were ok in our childhood family, may not be working so well for you now, with friends, colleagues, or your own relationship or family. Or perhaps you did not have the chance to experience a proper family at all as a child, and this too will have an impact on how you live your life as an adult.

Whether you want to look at what doesn’t work anymore, or move on from a negative childhood experience and try to improve your life now, discovering more positive ways of being in yourself and with others can bring about great change and improvement to your day to day experiences and relationships. All it takes is the courage and motivation to want to change.