About Emma Murphy.

Hi There. I’m Emma Murphy, and I’m a Counsellor/Psychotherapist in Cork, Ireland. I have specialist training in both Disordered Eating and Infertility, and I work with clients both face to face here in Cork, and online.

Please note that I am currently winding down my practice in Cork to take a sabbatical. For any issue not related to Eating Disorders, please feel free to contact my colleague who also works in Douglas, Catherine O’Mahony, on catherineomahony1(at)gmail.com. Catherine is an experienced family/relationships and infertility counsellor amongst other areas.

For Eating Disorder Support, please contact the Eating Disorder Centre in Cork www.eatingdisordercentrecork.ie, or refer to Bodywhys, the National Eating Disorder Association, on their website they have a directory of practitioners country wide – www.bodywhys.ie.

I will be returning to work in Disordered Eating in October, with a Live Online Group that will run for 8 weeks. If you are interested in participating, please email me on emma(at)counsellingcarecork.com. I will not be taking any new individual clients until early 2018 at the earliest. Thanks for your understanding.

Whether you struggle with Emotional or Comfort Eating, yo-yo dieting in a cycle of frustration trying to lose, and keep off “that last (fill in your number) lbs”, or you have been diagnosed with an Eating Disorder – Binge Eating or Bulimia, I can help.

Working in a holistic way, I use a combination of CBT, Mindfulness and some Nutritional Re-education to get my clients back on track. I may also refer you to my colleague, Rachel Barry, a Registered Nutritional Therapist, to help you heal your gut, and get your food right for life – this is not a diet!

Many clients who have repeatedly started a diet or a ‘healthy eating’ plan, only to fall off the wagon and overeat, find they develop gut problems – IBS, Colitis, Reflux, low stomach acid…. etc. And any of these can contribute to your low mood and poor sleep – not just because you feel unwell, but because we have important neurons in our gut, that work with the neurons in our brain! So Nutritional Rehabilitation is a really important part of the process – our goal is to take about 12 weeks to get you Eating Better, Sleeping Better, Feeling Better and have loads more energy. How does that sound?

My support is a blend of Neuroscience, CBT and actual Mindfulness. Here’s why:

Neuroscience helps you understand how your brain works, why you get locked into habits you want to break but cannot, and HOW to retrain your brain to STOP craving the crap food;

CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy involves the use of tools and strategies which again, help break those bad habits and negative or destructive thoughts you have about yourself – a combination of taking positive action, AND shutting down that Inner Mean Girl who constantly puts you down. You need to break up with her!!

Mindfulness is a very valuable skill or practice to help detach from your thoughts, and see things from a different perspective. People tend to think that mindfulness is meditation, and that meditation means being able to ’empty’ your mind. This is not strictly true. What mindfulness does is give you the skill to be able to ‘see’ a thought coming into your head, and be able to choose whether to believe it or not, before you have a feeling about it. For example, if I say to you “you are a tree”…. do you believe me? NO. So why do you blindly believe every thought about you that comes into your head? Until you attach a meaning or a feeling to it, it’s just a thought!

Online Group Program starts Monday 31st October for 8 Weeks: http://www.eatingdisorderecovery.com/evrplus_registration-2/?action=evrplusegister&event_id=1
All Inclusive Residential Retreat in West Cork, February 2017: http://www.eatingdisorderecovery.com/all-inclusive-retreat-february-2017/


When you are trying to get pregnant but cannot, and are either experiencing month after month of disappointment, or attending for IVF or other assisted treatment, I can help you.

Being diagnosed with ‘infertility’ is difficult, and navigating your way through doctor’s appointments and various treatments, understanding the language and meaning of the sometimes complicated information you are being given, and then privately, struggling with your feelings and emotions, or strain on your relationships, or grief and loss if you have experienced a miscarriage – is a tough place to be. Having experienced secondary infertility, IVF and pregnancy loss myself, I know how it feels, and I can help you manage these experiences better and with more positivity and empowerment.

I provide these supports to anyone needing this help regardless of where you are attending for your fertility treatment – here or abroad.

Whichever issue you are struggling with, please just click on the relevant page on the website, and use the Contact Emma button to schedule an appointment – in Cork or Online. I look forward to meeting you!

Emma Murphy MIACP