Counselling for Infertility, IVF and Donor IVFCounselling

Struggling to start or continue to grow your family can be hard on you personally, and on you both as a couple. Because having children is supposed to be ‘natural’, individuals and couples struggling to conceive can experience a range of feelings about themselves, and others, when they are going through this experience.

Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or are undergoing assisted reproduction, I can help you manage the difficult feelings and experiences you may be having.

Important Notice – 17 May 2017

Please note that I am taking a sabbatical from client work from the end of June, so appointments must be made for dates before then. If you are looking for ongoing counselling for fertility issues then please contact me on emma(at) and I will give you details of other counsellors you can contact for this support in Cork.

Assisted Reproduction
Treatments can be tough to handle, communicating with medical professionals can be daunting, and even knowing who to trust or what to do next can be an emotional minefield. Having experienced secondary infertility and IVF treatment myself, I have both the professional and personal experience to truly support you as you navigate your way through this often distressing time.

It can often be that while you are going through treatment, you are ‘on a treadmill’ of appointments, treatments, medications and other interventions. This is very stressful and often the last thing we do is prioritise ourselves, either as an individual or as a couple. Many individuals struggling with infertility will also experience depression, anxiety and stress – none of which are helpful for infertility.

I am a trained Couples Counsellor with specialist training from the British Infertility Counsellors Association, and have worked for one of the biggest fertility clinics in Ireland for the past two years. I therefore have strong experience of working with anyone undergoing treatment for fertility issues and alternative family building, and now offer my services to anyone considering their options around family building – whether here or abroad, through a clinic or on their own.

Donor IVF

If you are considering Donor IVF treatment, there are important considerations to take into account before you proceed to treatment.  If you are having your full treatment here in Ireland it is mandatory that you attend a ‘Donor Implications’ session of counselling, but if you are travelling abroad you may not be offered this option.  

I can provide this single session for you as an individual or a couple if you are travelling abroad but wish to fully explore and understand the implications before you finally make up your mind.  There are no right or wrong decisions in Donor IVF, but it IS important that you understand the potential implications of decisions you make NOW, on both yourself and any child or children you hopefully have, in the future.

Grief and Loss
If you are struggling with a fertility issue, you may have experienced loss through miscarriage or unsuccessful assisted reproduction treatment. This is a painful and deeply emotional experience, but it can be very hard to talk to others about it, as often they simply cannot understand how you feel. I have walked this path myself, so I really do understand.

“Staying Strong” and “Staying Focused” whilst trying to conceive often means letting losses go without attending to how we feel, both individually and as a couple.

My original training was in Couples and Relationships, and this has given me excellent experience in working with both couples and individuals going through tough times such as struggling with fertility, grief and loss. I provide a very safe and understanding confidential space for you to talk about how you are feeling, find ways to resolve your difficult emotions and move on in a healthy way.

Online Counselling

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Face to Face Counselling

We offer face to face counselling for Infertility and IVF and Donor IVF Counselling in Cork.

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